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Modular Construction

Our Dry Tower consists of a 5 axis system and can adjust up to four cabinet systems. The cabinets are equipped with a optimum number of drawers. Their height can be individually adapted to the stocked items. We create a maximum storage capacity in the smallest space. For larger storage needs, several systems can be connected to one unit.


Volume Optimized Storage

Incoming components are determined by image size recognitioin as reels, trays or PCB‘s and are automatically fed into the system. The system calculates the smallest storage position the components requires to save space. Applying an accuracy of 0,2 mm, reels, trays or PCB‘s will then be deposited at that location. This ensures optimization of the available storage space.


Humidity Management

Our storage system is ideal for managing moisture sensitive materials. The moisture level and dehumidifying times (floor life time) of the individual reels, trays or PCB‘s are monitored from goods receipt through storage to the retrieval of components for production. A two stage alarm warns when their floor life time is approached or exceeded.



All relevant data of the processing components is saved into a data base from entering the system through to the retrieval of components for production. In addition to the import and export data, the criticalstates, warning messages and confirmations with user date will also be stored in the database.


Climate control

Permanent dry storage protects your MSL components against moisture absorption. The floor life of the components will be stopped and reset to zero. The dry atmosphere stops the oxidation and the wettability will be maintained. Our dry unit ensures minimum consumption. Temperature can be set to achieve a continuous drying effect (up to 40°C). Optionally there is a separate reset area from 12° to 60°C possible.


The System software

Through standard interfaces, the storage system can coupled to the ERP system, so at all times current information about the stock is available. Additional external storage locations, for example a dry cabinet for tubes, can also be managed with the software. Through this integration into the production process, the system can ensure FIFO compliance for automatic replacement components to assembly.



In addition to retrieving individual reels from stock, complete production orders can be commissioned. Working hours of staff will be decreased by reducing walking distances and waiting times. Orders for stock are completed in about 15 seconds, perfectly supporting staff at peak hours.

The Process

  • 1. Inserting one reel
    1. Inserting one reel
  • 2. Automatic reel/tray/pcb measuring system
    2. Automatic reel/tray/pcb measuring system
  • 3. Completion of the storage
    3. Completion of the storage
  • 4. Volume optimized storing
    4. Volume optimized storing
  • 5. Sign out used goods
    5. Sign out used goods
  • 6. Log out used goods
    6. Log out used goods
  • 7. Automatic signing out of goods
    7. Automatic signing out of goods
  • 8. Removing the reels
    8. Removing the reels

Dry Tower, The system

  • Process-optimized drying at 60°C with ultra-low residual moisture content of < 0.5% RH for quick resetting of the floor life time in a separately airconditioned part of the cabinet.

  • Different dry cabinet Heights are available up to 4 meters. (13‘)

  • Preload queuing system enables rapid and efficient loading of components, even at peak periods

  • ESD-safe construction

  • An operater interface is located on the side of every dry tower from which the system can be manually controlled.

  • Special vacuum grippers for reels, trays and PCB‘s (max. 30 k.g.)

  • Heavy duty frame construction

  • Energy efficient drive technology for the transport of components with branded drives from Germany.

  • All reels and trays are measured with an image recognition system. The data collected is used to optimize storage by using the smallest possible storage location.

  • Drawers with an area up to 1.5 m² can be individually arranged in height increments of 5 mm for optimum utilization of space.

  • ESD safe transportbelts provides rapid input and output of stock. Also longer transport belts and lifts are available to bring the products directly to the production lines.

  • Service

    Through a side door, the system can conveniently be entered for service and maintenance.

  • Dry unit

    Dry unit U 7000 for particularly powerful dehumidification of up to 2% RH. Optional with 40°C heating system to control the entire rooms temperature (redrying of already dehumidified reels and trays in accordance with IPC standards.

  • Control Unit

    Control with two parallel computers and UPS resulting in extremely high system availability > 99%

Jos Brehler

Jos Brehler
CEO Totech EU

We create individual solutions for the storage, drying and handling of moisture-sensitive components and printed circuit boards. We focus on continuous development of our products in close cooperation with our users.

For over 10 years our drying technologies have provided the highest level of quality. The transition to leadfree soldering, the increasing miniaturization of electronics and the increasing number of moisture-sensitive components means that moisture management has become an increasingly critical element of electronics manufacturing and product reliability. Electronics manufacturers are thus challenged to manage larger and larger volumes of parts in a controlled and traceable manner. We look forward to accompanying you in finding your storage solution.


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Dry Tower Solo Modular Construction

Draufsicht Solo
Moisture level < 5% RH
Min. dimensions 1,35 x 2,15 x 2,00 m
Max. dimensions 2,35 x 3,45 x 4,00 m
Loading/ unloading automatic
Loading/ unloading time 15 sec
Temperature: up to 40°C optional

Dry Tower Slimline Modular Construction

Drytower Slimline
Draufsicht Slimline
Moisture level < 5% RH
Min. dimensions 2,75 x 2,15 x 2,00 m
Max. dimensions 3,85 x 3,55 x 4,00 m
Loading/ unloading automatic
Loading/ unloading time 15 sec
Temperature: up to 40°C optional

Dry Tower Quattro Modular Construction

Drytower Quattro
Draufsicht Quattro
Moisture level < 5% RH
Min. dimensions 2,75 x 3,15 x 1,80 m
Max. dimensions 3,85 x 5,25 x 4,00 m
Loading/ unloading automatic
Loading/ unloading time 15 sec
Temperature: up to 40°C optional

Projectsupport and premium service


Ordering Start of project

  • Orientation meeting on site to review the requirements of the customer
  • Creating a 3D design drawing
  • Coordination with Totech
  • Determination of the expected installation date
  • Construction and test run of the system at the factory

Installation Operation Training

  • Installation of the equipment at location: about 2.5 days
  • Installation of individual handling: about 1 day
  • Operation and test runs: about 0.5 days
  • The Totech Dry Tower system is ready for filling
  • Full training and safety instruction for employees by a service engineer at location

Project completion Service After sales

  • Acceptance of the system including handover certificate to the customer
  • Final conversation with the project manager
  • 24/7 Hotline via remote maintenance, active monitoring system for preventive troubleshooting
  • Annual check by a service employee on site